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BP is the largest supplier of roofing and wood fibre products to the Canadian retail industry. From local independent lumberyards to nation-wide home centre chains, BP is there with a full range of products and all the merchandising support to ensure rapid turnover. Marketing tools for the retailer include; award winning in-store displays, selling kits, take-away literature, digital advertising, and more. Web support includes a dealer locator, lead referrals, and use of the many web tools like the unique Visualizer created by BP for its own site.

At BP, we’re so thrilled about our new lighter 3K Pallets, because we know they’ll take some of the load off your operations. Basically, it’s a totally reconfigured approach to palletizing based on reducing the number of roofing shingle bundles per pallet, you’ll never have to handle a pallet weighing in excess of roughly 3,000 lbs, hence 3K.

Lighter = Safer

With some pallets having shed up to 33% of their weight, 3K Pallets are now a safer alternative to manipulating roofing shingle, resulting in fewer injuries and less wear and tear on your facilities.

Lighter = No need for heavy or special equipment

Unloading, moving and stacking 3K Pallets can be handled with a standard forklift.

Lighter = Faster

Our 3K Pallets will reduce the time you spend preparing the orders you ship to your customers. Having fewer bundles to hand-manipulate means that, on average, orders are 20% faster to prepare.

Lighter = Cost savings

Fewer occupational injuries translate into less lost productivity, reduced equipment wear means lower repair and maintenance costs, and faster operations help cut down your forklift fuel costs and manpower costs.

Same pallet sizes, now with 3 pallets high stackable convenience.

3-pallet-high stacking now permits inventorying 108 bundles of laminate shingles (vs. 96) and the usual 120 bundles for 3-tabs.

* For more information click
here => to view the 3K Pallets (Eastern) flyer
                                                    => to view the 3K Pallets (Western) flyer


NEW, IMPROVED and STRONGER packaging for Wood Fibre panels

Advanced technology now offers a full bag covering to improve
and strengthen the packaging for all BP wood fibre panels.



Heavy plastic protects under harsh weather conditions during :
  • Transportation
  • Handling
  • Outdoor storage


  • Treated interior protects contents from ultraviolet rays
  • A llows for air circulation to maintain total product integrity


  • Color coded packaging for easy recognition and clear branding
  • Simpler and quicker to find products in the yard
  • Keep storage yards and warehouses better organized
  • New easy-to-read labels


  • Environment friendly
  • Packaging can be reused on-site
  NEW Wood Fibre packaging

Ask your BP sales Representative for more details on the New and Improved packaging.

* For more information click
here => to view Sell Sheet 


Save time, money and effort with BP's NEW 42 inch Laminate Shingles

  • Less shingles to install 
  • Less nails 
  • Squarer pallets for better stacking 
  • Fewer bundles per pallet for easier handling 
  • Protective hood for outdoor storage year-round


Interactive document                          Printable document


Interactive document                          Printable document








  • LaSalle Plant

    9510, St. Patrick street
    LaSalle (Quebec), Canada
    H8R 1R9

  • Edmonton Plant 

    3703  - 101  avenue N.W.
    P.O. Box 576
    Edmonton (Alberta), Canada
    T5J 2K8

  • Pont-Rouge Plant 

    420, Dupont street
    Pont-Rouge (Quebec), Canada
    G3H 1S2



  • Joliette Plant

    351, Alice street
    Joliette (Quebec), Canada
    J6E 8P2