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Welcome to Building Products of Canada Corp.'s Information Central for specifiers!

The Architect, Engineer and the Specification writer community will find in these pages the latest information regarding BP roofing and building envelope products, their in-system performance and tools to facilitate their efficient specification.

From the conception phase of a building project through to its implementation, you can depend on Building Products of Canada Corp. Products to supply the required technical support and, most important, the security of long-term systems performance.

The BP Architect Custom Services is our commitment to provide you with:

  • Continually updated information;
  • Effective product selection and specification tools;
  • Easy access to technical and sales support nationwide; and
  • Free and quick delivery of product catalogues and samples.

Section 7 - CDTo order BP's SECTION 7 CD-Rom, contact your local reprsentative. 


Printable file

The SECTION 7 interactive document was designed for creative minds such as yourselves; professionals inclined to take every roofing project to the next level. This digital reference tool will let you gain access to the most recent information, something more difficult with printed material.

SECTION 7 digital will :

  • give you access to any and all technical information via CD or directly here on our website. SECTION 7 does away with technical issues as it can be accessed from PC, Mac, tablet computers or any other mobile device ;
  • provide access to you simultaneously with several users ;
  • provide documents regularly updated, giving you access to the most recent information at any time ;
  • give you easy access to technical data sheets, material safety data sheets, and any other documents relating to your current project ;
  • let you print only the documents you need.

SECTION 7 is very easy to use anywhere, anytime.

This interactive document is a resourceful guide for all of your Roofing specification requirements. You can easily navigate through the various Residential and Industrial Roofing products BP has to offer. Click on the hyperlinks in order to access the documents pertaining to each product. Also, take advantage of the Navigation Menu located at the bottom of each page. This will allow you to jump to any section within the Residential and Industrial Roofing categories.

Please note that there may be a delay for each file to load upon clicking on a hyperlink. 

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If a Pop-up window appears requesting Full Screen view, you may select the Remember my choice for this document Check Box and click YES.

Alternatively, if a Pop-up window appears requesting permission to go to linked document, as mentioned above select the Check Box and then click on ALLOW (center button). This will bring you directly to the document you are requesting to view.


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If a banner like this one (above) is visible at the top of the SECTION 7 document, simply click on the icon to the Left; banner will disappear.




Save time, money and effort with BP's NEW 42 inch Laminate Shingles

  • Less shingles to install 
  • Less nails 
  • Squarer pallets for better stacking 
  • Fewer bundles per pallet for eaier handling 
  • Protective hood for outdoor storage year-round


Interactive document                          Printable document


Interactive document                          Printable document









Building Soloutions Guide  


Building Products of Canada Corp. offers a wide range of sheathing products that are not only structural but eco-logical as well. Herein you will find information on installation methods, detailed wall cuts, product specifications and other invaluable information.


Click here to view the interactive Building Solutions Guide.

For the Brochure, click here.



  • LaSalle Plant

    9510, St. Patrick street
    LaSalle (Quebec), Canada
    H8R 1R9

  • Edmonton Plant 

    3703  - 101  avenue N.W.
    P.O. Box 576
    Edmonton (Alberta), Canada
    T5J 2K8

  • Pont-Rouge Plant 

    420, Dupont street
    Pont-Rouge (Quebec), Canada
    G3H 1S2



  • Joliette Plant

    351, Alice street
    Joliette (Quebec), Canada
    J6E 8P2